Taste of India

India’s amazing array of food is what brings family, friends and the Indian community together. Enjoyed by millions of people around the globe, Indian cuisine has as much heart and soul as its people. Our culinary tours are designed to help you discover India through its varied cuisine.

From North to South, Indian food mirrors, and makes the best of, its vastly different landscapes. The extreme climates found in India have created a multitude of cuisines, from the stuffed chilly cutlets found in the North’s parching Rajasthan, to the potent toddy (coconut beer) found in the south’s coconut-rich Kerala.

If you like slow-cooked meals, the Dum Pukht techniques in Awadhi cuisine in Lucknow will be a revelation, while the delicious Masala Dosas of the South will satisfy those looking for a quicker meal option.

Experience the best street food in Delhi and the delightful taste of Rajasthan’s traditional cuisine in Jaipur. The experience would be incomplete without cookery classes teaching you the best regional cuisine of India.

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