Tea Tasting

A true tea drinker knows that tea is balm for the soul. We have curated a special itinerary for tea lovers that comforts, and heals all the wounds from the world. Immerse yourself in the depths of nature as you explore Glenburn and its surroundings.

First, however, we take you to the capital of India, Delhi. Here, the historical charm merge with modern developments in a unique visual medley. We whisk you away from the metropolis to the soothing environs of Glenburn Tea Estate. Walk through the expansive tea estate as you are educated about the process of tea cultivation, right up till the moment it makes it to your teacup. After whetting your taste buds, end your day with a Tea Tasting session and the art of appreciation.

Go deeper into nature in the lush Badamtam Forest. Our naturalist enriches the experience as he helps you identify the variety of flora and fauna. Witness the spectacular Manjitar Suspension Footbridge that stretches across the river Rungeet. Mingle with the villagers, and sip on tea as you watch the daily volleyball match between the local police force and the villagers.

Trek up the hill above Glenburn, and devour the breathtaking view along with a picnic lunch. The ensconcing pine trees provide an ambience that no restaurant can offer. Follow it up with a walk through Orange Orchards, homemade tea, and a taste of some Fine Cut Orange Marmalade.

Ride up to Ghoom on the famous “Toy Train”, now a UNESCO World Heritage Sight. You won’t tire of the spectacular view from your seat. At the destination, discover peace at Ghoom monastery and visit the awesome Himalayan Mountaineering Institute.

The experience is truly enthralling in all its quaintness. Warm and homely, just like a cup of tea!

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