Discover cultures, not just places!
Destinations Unlimited offers handcrafted holidays to suit your taste. Founded with the aim to fill a gap in the bespoke tourism industry in India, we provide personalized travel services that are a twist on the ordinary. Our goal is to make the familiar unexpected!

Our team aspires to provide out-of- the-box experiences that stay with you forever. It could be anything from a live Sufi performance, dinner with a famous author or a formal tea tasting, cycling through French vineyards or eating a rustic meal in an Italian hut. We take pride in delivering an authentic experience that explores culture, walks through history, teaches tradition, travels landscapes, and devours local cuisine.

When you travel with us the details look after themselves. Your security, wellbeing and comfort are our top priority. You arenít just another customer for us; you are a personal guest. Our discerning experts take care of everything before one can even think about them.

Being travelers ourselves, it gives us great pleasure to accompany you through the excitement of discovery. We want to feel the emotions of a life changing journey, experience goose bumps as we gaze at a moving sight, capture the candid moments, laugh at the funny ones and then become new people as we head on home. We want to help you write your story, and make it an award-winning one!

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